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Tuscan Iris

Hailing from the Chianti hills in Tuscany, the Tuscan iris is extracted from Iris Pallida and its roots. The Tuscan iris has a distinctive powdery aroma with a tinge of melancholy to it that is absolutely delicious. In fragrance, the iris is anything but subtle. It makes its presence known and loves to carry the theme of the fragrance or even the line in the olfactive pyramid.
Iris plays well with spices and wood in perfume, and the powdery feel of iris marries well with the dryness of spices like pink pepper.

Best paired with violet or intoxicating mimosa, iris is a somewhat subtle, soft and sensual note. A high-brow note reserved for only the finest accords perfumery has to offer, iris is renowned for its steep price tag. In fact, iris could well be the priciest ingredient in a perfumer’s arsenal. And for good reason: its floral, powdery facets lend an unmatched elegance and air to fragrances.