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Benzoin’s sensual, enveloping, vanilla-like sweetness is a popular feature in perfumery, especially in gourmand compositions. It’s a resin secreted by the Styrax plant, a type of shrub native to Southeastern Asia and South America. The Ancient Egyptians and Greeks used it for its disinfectant properties, and oftentimes in religious ceremonies. It is a base note that’s used to bind other notes together, thus creating a fragrance that oozes warmth and sultriness.

Benzoin offers distinctly rich scents of woody, sweet vanilla. Its layered composition unfolds in warm, honeyed facets not dissimilar to caramel, almond or freshly roasted coffee. Subtle floral notes awaken slight nuances of carnations in soft, wispy or even powdery tones. Benzoin is renowned for its qualities as a perfume fixative, providing a fullness and warmth to compositions with its round, buttery-smooth tones. Benzoin can most commonly be found in ambery or gourmand accords.