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Bulgarian Rose

Bulgarian rose is delightfully hypnotic. It's a scent doused in rich honey—powerful and sweet. Green, spicy facets dance alongside an intense duality of both fruity and floral notes. Subtle nuances of lychee permeate in an interesting twist.

Intensely rich, romantic, and lush, the Bulgarian rose note is extracted from the petals of the Rosa Damascena. Cultivated in the Bulgarian Rose Valley, the aroma of this prized ingredient is floral with citrus and powdery undertones that may become more prominent thanks to the accompanying notes. Not for the faint of heart, the Bulgarian rose has the power and the ability to dominate the composition. It writhes and sways out of the bottle with measured but never the less decadent swirls, lending a delicate touch to the bold vetiver and woody notes.

When in the company of other floral accords, it nestles between them for the most beautiful floral arrangement. It mellows down the zappy citrus creations and adds a touch of sensuality to hedonistic gourmand fragrances.