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The smell of good coffee is one of life’s simpler pleasures. And when a robust coffee note appears in a scent, it elevates other notes, and enables them to shine more brightly. Coffee notes mixed with leather, rum, chocolate, as well as aromatic kitchen spices like cinnamon, create a complex and rich fragrance. Coffee can also add an aphrodisiac tone to a floral or citrus perfume. Coffee scents are best day or night as a pick-me-up or daring evening choice, and can be worn whenever you need their energetic aroma to boost your spirit.

Coffee notes bring a deliciously leathery, liquor-like heat to (mostly) masculine fragrances. Subtle nuances of tobacco mix with deeply woody, roasted notes to give an unmistakable warmth to fragrances. Coffee notes are sometimes recreated synthetically, using several raw materials.