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Jasmine Sambac

Jasmine sambac blossoms in the heart of fragrances, delicately unravelling in floral shades of green. Orange blossom smooths the note with round, solar-like nuances while fruity facets add an intriguing sweetness. It's a powerful note that’s greener and less animalic than grandiflorum jasmine.

Not only is it one of the oldest notes in perfumery, but this queen of flowers has a long history of being a sought-after aphrodisiac. On its own, jasmine sambac possesses a sweet sensual aroma that plays up to its attraction, but when paired with other notes, it transforms into a unique fragrant sensation. It has a slightly green but predominantly honeyed aroma that’s hard to ignore or resist. It pairs nicely with all perfumery notes, however, when in cohort with the other two bewitching white floral notes, the tuberose, and gardenia, it creates a vibrant floral scent with pronounced sultriness. This bold, floral fragrance is perfect for day and nightwear thanks to its narcotic blend.