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Orange Blossom

Heady and suave, orange blossom is an utterly bewitching scent. Flittering floral facets recall notes of jasmine—honeyed and sweet. Its citrus twist melts seamlessly in floral accords and adds a sparkle to fruity notes like apricot.

The oil distilled from orange blossoms is considered an aphrodisiac, and the blossom itself has been a bridal symbol for many years. Orange blossoms are native to Southeast Asia, and grown all over the world - as well as being the state flower of Florida in the U.S. Orange blossom has a powdery, orange-citrusy, and very plush scent, like powdery orange suede. It is often used in fruity floral perfumes along with jasmine, rose, and other heavier floral notes. It’s part citrus, part floral scent is ideal in hotter weather, but tends to dissipate quickly in colder months.