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Plum adds a velvety-smooth facet to both masculine and feminine fragrances. Often found delighting the olfactory palette of fine compositions, plum is deliciously floral and fruity, with a curious liqueur nuance. A note of sweet “cooked plum” is found in some fragrances, including interior fragrances.

It's dark, silky sweetness is an excellent choice for night-time fragrance wear. It’s sensual, unusual, and very sophisticated - plus it pairs well with either light floral notes or deep spices, resins, and leather to make an intense olfactory statement. It’s rich, spicy-sweet juice is best with pears, pineapple, strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry fruit to maximize it’s dark appeal. It is also very good with fig, ginger, green notes, and full, buttery jasmine scents. Plum perfumes are best for evening scents during the winter and fall.