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The bedrock of perfumery, roses are inextricably linked to the fragrances we’ve come to know and love. In fact, rose comprises more than 400 known constituents, with a variety of reconstructions across every price point. Its scent is powerful and rich, with floral and fruity facets of contrast: sweet yet spicy, green yet honeyed. Rose is often described as a feminine note with floral, powdery facets.

Roses in perfume - it gets no more classic, no more romantic, and no more legendary than this. Rose notes are THE most versatile, and paradoxically, the hardest notes in perfume to obtain. It takes nearly a warehouse full of rose petals to distill enough oil to add their hypnotic scent to a perfume.Rose can be icy, full, velvety, silky, candy-sweet, dark, airy - there’s a rose scent for any mood you’ll ever experience. Rose notes go with any other note, style, and texture of fragrance - they blend in a scent better than any other material. And of course, a rose perfume is NEVER out of style, or season - her majesty is welcomed everywhere. If you have only one perfume in your collection, make it a rose fragrance.