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Spice notes in perfume come in a wide range of aromas, temperatures, and moods. From piquant, nose-wrinkling sea salt and pink or black pepper, to the cuddly warmth of patchouli and nutmeg - spices in perfume are fantastic in any composition. A dash of pink pepper alone can make sweet citrus scents crackle with exotic liveliness, or create sensual drama in a demure white floral perfume. Spices are also great extenders for the length and power of a fragrance - their natural fiery personalities keep things interesting far longer than simple citrus or airy floral notes can manage on their own. Spicy perfumes can be worn any time you like, and pair especially well with passing seasons. Think warm, cozy notes like nutmeg, basil, and patchouli for fall, and save the heavier spices like black pepper, gunpowder, and coriander for the winter months. Summer is THE season to break out your gourmand collection with extra spice added - chocolate and sea salt are an ideal beach perfume idea.