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Tonka Bean

An intoxicatingly sweet scent of many facets: velvety, smoky, balsamic and whisperingly reminiscent of tobacco. Tonka bean is an excellent fixative, extending its milky-smooth facets to mix and meld notes in complex accords. A powerful, sensual scent that is often likened to vanilla.

Tonka beans are tiny, shriveled, black seeds from the Tonka tree found in Central and South America. Their slightly sweet, vanillic, and smoky hay scent adds a spicy, gourmand edge to a fragrance. Tonka beans work best in spicy and sweet scents featuring similar notes: clove, vanilla, heliotrope, bitter almonds, labdanum, cinnamon, etc. Their vanilla and hay-like scent is ideal for fall or winter, but usually blends well enough to wear any time you need a little sweet, warm spice to liven up the citrus or wood notes in a fragrance.