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Turkish Rose

Turkish rose or Rosa Damascena is a rich rose scent sourced from the Turkish rose fields. Harvested in late spring and early summer, the rosebuds of the Turkish rose are carefully handpicked at dawn when the rose is most fragrant. Dancing between floral, sweet, and fresh, the aroma of the Turkish rose imbues the fragrance with a vintage feel that feels elusive and elegant at once. The scent of Turkish rose kisses your skin gently but leaves a strong, lasting impression on your senses.

Indispensable to the world of perfumery and all things fine fragrance, rosa damascena (also known as Turkish rose or Damask rose) is the scent of choice for many perfumers and fragrance devotees alike. Its rich and deep—a tangible scent that announces itself in decadent layers that are fruity, floral and sweetly honeyed. Green facets mingle with spritely lychee.